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speak Spanish in two weeks + Maya Jungle Nature Fun & Adventure

NonProfit Aid for Maya Communities of Petén Guatemala

Speak Spanish in just Two Weeks...

Eco Spanish is immersion, best way to learn Spanish. Your participation directly supports nature and Maya communities around Lake Petén.
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Maya Beach Communities

You’ll be living among the Maya – most awesome Maya in all of Central America. The Maya of Peten deterred the invading Spanish for 174 years – the last Maya to be conquered by the Spanish. So long as you’re not a Conquistador, you’ll love it here. Maya have been inhabiting the shores of Lake Peten for more than 10,000 years – since at least the last Ice Age.

Spanish Language Immersion

Everyone in our Maya beach communities speaks Spanish. The villagers are happy to help you with your Spanish. The Maya of Lake Peten are kind, loving and family oriented. You’ll be immersed in Spanish with a homestay with a local Spanish speaking family – no hotels, dorms or hostels. You’ll eat, sleep, dream and breath Spanish all day, every day for 14 days – Spanish immersion – there’s no better way to learn Spanish.

Experienced Spanish Teachers

We’re an association of Spanish teachers with boatloads of experience teaching Spanish classes. We’ve been teaching Spanish to travelers from all over the world for years. We love what we do and we look forward to helping you learn Spanish.

Affordable Spanish Classes + Immersion

We have a great Spanish program that has been perfected over many years. All the Spanish instruction you’ll need + complete and total Spanish immersion. Included are some great trips to the jungle, beach as well as tours of ancient Maya ruins and some very groovy Maya caves. All your meals, accommodations, transport, park entrance fees are included in one low price. All you do is show-up and we’ll take care of everything. Your only responsibility while you’re here is to have fun and learn to speak Spanish.

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We're NOT a Spanish School

EcoSpanish is your affordable Spanish immersion experience, all the while you're tutored by seasoned Guatemalan Spanish teachers
Learn Spanish 1on1 with the most experienced Spanish class teachers in Petén.

Can't swing a dead-cat without hitting a "Spanish school" in Guatemala. Eco Spanish is different. In fact, Eco Spanish cannot 'legally' call itself a Spanish School. We'd need ~20,000Q to comply with the new government requirements to be able to legally call our organization a "Spanish school". Why? Legislation was passed that put many poor Spanish teachers and poor Spanish schools out of business - they simply could not afford to meet the new requirements. What we offer is a unique Spanish experience and you're tutored by experienced Spanish class teachers. We know what we're doing and our Spanish testimonials prove it. If you want to learn to speak Spanish, conversational Spanish,, even if you speak no Spanish at all, we can have you speaking Spanish in just 2 weeks. We don't teach Spanish in silly classrooms - we like nature and the comfort of the kitchen table in a cozy Maya home. At Eco Spanish you'll be totally immersed in Spanish and doing all sorts of fun trips, adventures and Maya workshops. All the while, you're totally immersed in the Spanish language. Yes, you'll be speaking Spanish in just two weeks.

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