Buenas Cosas Volunteering with the Maya

Volunteer with Buenas Cosas

Been working with the good people at Buenas Cosas for many many years. Excellent volunteer opportunities. Buenas Cosas is a registered Guatemala NonProfit managed by a wonderful group of local women. If you’re looking for volunteering in Guatemala, you should definitely have a look at what Buenas Cosas has to offer with their volunteer opportunities Read more about Volunteer with Buenas Cosas[…]

Maya Workshops with Maya Wild

So pleased to be working with these good people at Maya Wild. Fun, informative and, most importantly, authentic Maya workshops with a registered Guatemala nonprofit that’s been doing good work here in Peten since 2011. Some of what is offered at Maya Wild… Maya Astrocalender Workshop – learn all about the Maya calendar Maya Avocado Read more about Maya Workshops with Maya Wild[…]

Eco Spanish

Eco Spanish is Alive!

Eco Spanish, it’s ALIVE! After being held for ransom for two years by some Asian domain snatcher/squatter, got the domain back and and it’s LIVE! Eco Escuala Espanol .org is back where it should be, serving Maya communities of Petén Guatemala. Special thanks to the good people at la Danta Project for helping us get Read more about Eco Spanish is Alive![…]