Maya Jungle Adventures + Maya Workshops

Everything below is included in your Two-Week Eco Spanish Immersion Program…

Maya Jungle Adventures

Eco Spanish Tikal Temple 4 JaguarTikal Maya Sunrise Adventure – Tikal sunrise is an ancient Maya celebration. The rising sun was tremendously important to the ancient Maya of Tikal. All transport is included. An English-speaking guide is included. Maya snack-to-go is included because you’ll get hungry exploring all that Tikal has to offer. The excavation and restoration of Tikal changed the face of ecotourism in Guatemala. Tikal’s Templo IV, the Jaguar Temple, is one of the most iconic symbols of Guatemala – it’s even printed on their money (Quetzales). We’ll provide you with sacred Maya incense to burn a the ancient Maya ruins of Tikal – burn it at sunrise of take it with you as our gift – sacred Maya stuff is groovy.

Eco Spanish Immersion School Tikal SunriseTikal Maya Sunset Experience – the Tikal sunset is an amazing experience – for many, it’s a spiritual experience. All transport is included to and from Tikal. An English-speaking guide accompanies you to your Tikal sunset experience. An authentic Maya snack-to-go is included because you’ll get hungry exploring all that Tikal has to offer – the Maya knew what types of food work best in the jungles of Petén Guatemala. As with the Tikal Sunrise tour we are happy to provide you with authentic Maya incense for your visit to Tikal and/or authentic locally hand-crated Maya paper.

Choose either Tikal sunrise or Tikal sunset – some prefer the morning, others prefer the evening… whichever is best for you – Eco Spanish has you covered.

Yaxha Maya Sunset Adventure – many travelers prefer Yaxha to Tikal because there are far less crowds and the sunsets are absolutely amazing as the ancient Maya pyramids of Yaxha cast their shadows across this ancient Maya village that sits peacefully next to a beautiful Blue-Green Maya lake. Yaxha is most certainly not the biggest ancient Maya city you’ll experience during your stay at Eco Spanish, but it could quite possibly be your most memorable… an amazing Yaxha sunset – nothing like it.

Maya Caves Trip Eco Spanish Immersion School GuatemalaMaya Caves Trip Eco Spanish Immersion School GuatemalaMaya Caves + Community Adventure
You’ll visit 3 ancient Maya caves. The drawings on these cave walls was one of the many data-points of Maya archeology that helped ‘Break the Maya Code’. These Maya caves are much better than anything you’ll find in Santa Elena: fields of shimmering crystals, stalactites and stalagmites abounding, ancient Maya pottery all over the floor of the caves – an amazing place.

Tayazal Beach/Jungle/Maya Ruins
+ Beach + Swimming + Maya Pyramid + Maya Chaltun + Witch Tree + Motmot. More content soon 🙂

Overnight Maya Jungle Adventure
Overnight jungle adventure to a Pre-Classic Maya stronghold with an ancient Maya ballcourt and amazing sunrise views. We’ll walk or ride some wonderful bikes to these ancient Maya ruins, enjoy an authentic Maya jungle dinner banquet and spend the night in Maya hammocks slung between the jungle trees. The next morning we’ll enjoy an authentic Maya breakfast and then return to civilization.

You’ll stand atop an ancient the ancient Maya pyramid and watch the sunrise just as the Maya did more than 2800 years ago – an amazing experience. Not unusual to see Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Coyote, Tapir as well as Jaguar and Mountain Lions – they won’t mess with you because there’s loads of fresh big-kitty-food, Coche de Monte. All you need to bring is your clothing, insect repellent, hiking/walking shoes and flashlight… we’ll bring all the rest – this is a fully outfitted Maya jungle adventure experience.

*Spanish Immersion of 3 or 4 weeks includes more Jungle Adventures… message Eco Spanish for details. 

Authentic Maya Workshops

Maya Chocolate Workshop
Chocolate came from right here more than 5,000 years ago. Ancient Maya chocolate has been found at archaeological sites from northern Illinois to the southern tip of Chile. Guatemala is the birthplace of chocolate. Huge quantities of chocolate were transported all through the Americas by large trading canoes. One cacao bean was so valuable to the ancient Maya, should one cacao bean fall overboard, they’d dive in after it. Learn more about our Maya Chocolate Workshop at our sister-site MayaWild.

Maya Kitchen Workshop
Vegan, Veggie or Omnivore… there’s wonderful ancient Maya meals awaiting. You’ll be taught how to cook your very own authentic Maya food – healthy, tasty, amazing. Learn more about our Maya Kitchen Workshop at our sister-site MayaWild.

Maya Jungle Survival Workshop
Super interesting ancient Maya bushcraft is waiting for you. We will visit an ancient Maya settlement where you’ll learn all you need to know to survive in the jungle just like the ancient Maya: animal and plant identification, what’s tasty to eat/drink and what’s lethal/poisonous. You’ll enjoy a wonderful Maya lunch at the base of an ancient Maya pyramid – no crowds – we’ll most likely be the only people at this wonderful ancient Maya site. Learn more about our Maya Jungle Survival Workshop at our sister-site MayaWild.

Maya Hammock Workshop
Handwoven and made just for you, a Maya. Your workshop facilitator will take you though all the steps to make your very own Maya hammock… take it home with you – the perfect Sunday afternoon hangout spot – or continue your travels with your new Maya hammock. Learn more about our Maya Hammock Workshop at our sister-site MayaWild.

*Spanish Immersion of 3 or 4 weeks includes additional Maya Workshops… message Eco Spanish for details.

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