Maya Workshops with Maya Wild

So pleased to be working with these good people at Maya Wild. Fun, informative and, most importantly, authentic Maya workshops with a registered Guatemala nonprofit that’s been doing good work here in Peten since 2011. Some of what is offered at Maya Wild…

Maya Astrocalender Workshop – learn all about the Maya calendar

Maya Avocado Oil Workshop – make your avocado oil from the birthplace of avocados, excellent stuff!

Maya Coconut Oil Workshop – make your own coconut oil – all natural, of course!

Maya Medicinal Plants Workshop – learn more than a dozen different Maya medicinal plants from a skilled Maya wildcrafter.

Maya Jungle Survival Workshop – learn crucial jungle survival skills from the Maya.

Maya Hammock Workshop – nothing more comfy that a real Maya hammock.

Maya Kitchen Workshop – great food – learn to make a tortillas, if you like, just like the Maya.