Speak Spanish in Two Weeks

Authentic Maya experiences Eco Spanish Immersion SchoolYes, with our Spanish immersion program, you can speak Spanish in just two weeks. Yes, conversational Spanish has been successfully mastered right here at Eco Spanish by thousands of travelers just like you from all over the world. When you leave your  two-weeks of Eco Spanish of Spanish Immersion, you’ll be able to travel and attend to your needs in Spanish, conversational Spanish – let’s leave the pejorative pluperfect stuff to the language scholars – Spanish conversation is what really matters.

Eco Spanish Classes is NOT a Spanish school. We focus on one thing, you being able to speak Spanish in two weeks while you have fun. Start your Latin America trip right here in Petén Guatemala, birthplace of Maya civilization, and learn all the Spanish you need. If you’re an experienced Spanish speaker and want to drown yourself in the technicalities of verb tenses, future perfect and all that other nonsense, Eco Spanish is not for you. If you want to travel Latin America with a working knowledge of conversational Spanish, Eco Spanish is for you.

Maya Caves Trip Eco Spanish Immersion School GuatemalaMaya Caves Trip Eco Spanish Immersion School GuatemalaAt Eco Spanish we focus on fun, interactive, conversational Spanish – Spanish you can use as you travel through Latin America. Best of all, you’ll be learning to speak Spanish in the birthplace of Maya civilization, Petén Guatemala – home to more than 60% of all the Maya ruins in Guatemala – home to Tikal and la Danta, biggest pyramid in the world.

Not a single Spanish school anywhere in Guatemala can offer you what we have right here in Petén. The Maya communities we support around Lake Petén are here for you to enjoy and experience. Oldest Maya and Proto-Maya settlements in world are right here in Petén Guatemala… some dating back to the last Ice Age, more than 10,000 years ago.

Sure, you can go to Spanish school in Antigua with a thousands of other tourists… that’s not traveling and most certainly not an adventure – that’s more like going to Pizza Hut while visiting Italy.

Or, you can go to Spanish school in Atitlan, yoga yourself into oblivion while gorging yourself on pita bread and hummus – that’s not how the Maya of Petén live. Come and experience real Spanish immersion adventure in the birthplace of Maya civilization… and learn to speak Spanish in just two weeks.

The Maya of lake Petén held-off the Spanish for 174 years. It was the Maya of lake Petén who were last to fall to the Conquistadors — last to fall in all of Latin America — and they were punished horribly for their resistance.

authentic Maya coconut oil eco Spanish immersionWe’ve taught Spanish to thousands of travelers from all over the world – we’ve been teaching Spanish in Petén for years. Eco Spanish knows exactly what it takes to have you speaking Spanish in just two week. Eco Spanish is Spanish Immersion, the best way to learn Spanish.

One-on-One Individual Spanish instruction
We’re educated current and former Spanish class teachers with many years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language to foreign students. We’ll help you plan your Spanish classes exactly the way you want. Depending on your level of Spanish experience, as well as your needs and interests, your Spanish class teacher will use teaching techniques that work best for you, moving you forward at the pace you are comfortable, while making the most progress with your Spanish in the shortest possible time.

Authentic Maya Cooking Workshops Eco Spanish Classes GuatemalaPersonal Experience
Eco Spanish includes load of opportunities to enjoy nature and Maya culture… activities designed for you to practice your Spanish in real-life situations. Talking and interacting with native “Peténeros” will give you opportunities to apply what you’ve learned in your Spanish sessions, which will increase your knowledge of the Spanish language and further your Spanish language skills.

Latin American Culture & Customs
While studying Spanish with your Eco Spanish class teacher, you’ll learn about and experience Maya customs and and Maya culture of Guatemala — the entire  time immersed in Spanish, practicing and studying Spanish.

For many years our Spanish class teachers taught Spanish to thousands of Spanish language students from all over the world.

We do not offer typical Spanish classroom instruction. In fact, we don’t use classrooms – we’re not a Spanish school. We give Spanish classes in our homes or we come to you, where ever you happen to be staying in San Andres, San Jose or Nuevo San Jose for your Spanish language classes. Of course, you’re welcome to stay with us in our homes, with our families too – if you like.

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